As a trained coach, I apply my coaching skills in the areas where I have most experience in my life i.e. relationships and business. Relationships are at the centre of everyone’s life, the most overlooked and important relationship being the relationship we have with ourselves. My personal relationships are fundamental to my life experience, much of my personal development has, and continues to, be focused on relationship mastery. I bring all that experience and awareness into my coaching. For more than 30 years I’ve been in business, building outstanding relationships with clients, colleagues and teams.

My style of coaching is heart-centred, it is based on love and compassion, I am authentic and honest, I will challenge you honestly and lovingly but rest assured I will challenge you. My style is intuitive, each client relationship is unique and each coaching package is individually crafted based on your needs as the client.

My personal coaching journey began in 1995 when I had my first experience of life coaching, such was the impact that I can recall in great detail the whole experience. Between 1995 and today I have transformed my life on multiple occasions primarily through a combination of personal development, coaching and meditation. I continue to transform my life from a place of love. I am loving to myself and from that loving space I create an environment of love, compassion and non-judgment within which to coach.

Why people work and get results with me:
I walk my talk – my life is heart-centred
I care deeply about people
I am authentic
I’ve transformed my life on multiple occasions
The introductory coaching experience …. Try it and then decide