Here is a small sample of testimonials from my clients. More are available, on request.

“Tim is an excellent coach, person focused, gets results and I feel big life shifts each time. Very caring and encouraging he helps to show you the lessons and opportunities you can draw from. He will help you tap into what you really want and how best to implement it. Would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to change or improve their lives.” – Lia Aquila

“Tim is a fantastic coach. I asked him for help as I needed more focus and clarity with my relationships and career. He was a perfect guide and I am really glad that I asked for his assistance. Tim has a warm and cheerful personality and he is also a great listener. I really appreciated the fact that he was listening patiently and let me come up with my own answers. It was very helpful as once I verbalised my concerns I felt more inspired and motivated to find solutions and move forward. I am most grateful for all his genuine feedback and for sharing his thoughts.
Every session was different based on my preferences. Tim would ask helpful questions guiding me in the right direction.
It was really a great pleasure working with Tim. I have achieved all my goals and have moved forward with my life in a more enjoyable and meaningful way.
Thank You Tim!” – Eva von Schmilowski

“I have received six sessions at fortnightly intervals and found Tim to be a warm, caring coach who is genuinely interested in supporting my progress. Tim was also patient, exploring ways to keep me on track. An attentive listener, Tim was consistently enthusiastic and organised. I always looked forward to being coach by Tim and would recommend him to anyone seeking a sincere and focussed coach” – Jane Hewer

“Tim guides you through the knowledge of how to be a success in a deep level. You will get clarity and inspirational actions which will for sure improve your life!” – Marta Abello

“It was a pleasure having Tim for a coach, working with him over the course of three months. He allowed me to direct our conversations in whatever way I wanted to. Tim was always very open in our coaching session. He shared some stories about his life, which made me feel even more comfortable about opening up to him. But in the same light, he also made sure that I saw the sessions as being “all about me” and feel as though I could talk about whatever I wanted to in our sessions.
On top of all of these positive experiences from my coaching sessions with Tim, his personality is really the ‘cherry on top’. He is humble, genuine, respectful, attentive, patient, and charismatic, which all help to form a great interrelated coach-coachee relationship that is needed.
 Thanks Tim!” – Kalysha Feltz